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Chem-Courier team is pleased to invite you to our conference in the beautiful city of Marseille this summer to share our experiences and unite intellectual powers to shed some light on the future of the European benzene, styrene and derivatives markets in these hard days for the regional economy.

Where: Marseilles, France

When: 22 June 2022

Host: Chem-Courier Market Intelligence Agency

Discussion topics:

  • Refinery and cracker operations in Europe at risk of feedstock shortages
  • Recent trends in benzene market
  • Logistical routes before, during and after war
  • EU styrene market under intense pressure from shortages, outages and trade route shifts
  • China: path from net importer to net exporter?
  • Outlook for styrene consumption
  • Polymer recycling in European countries: economics of styrene extracted from plastics